I got this email from a young lady I met on a flight a while back, her and I share a common thread (MARINE CORPS) in our families and I wanted to share a very special honor her son Corporal Jeron Richard for his special duties yesterday in France. Thank you for sharing and reaching out to me on my email Carla. SEMPER FI!!!

“Hey Bo! So our flight from Lake Charles to Houston was a good one. I enjoyed our visit. Hope the family is well and you enjoyed your time at home. The Bahamas trip was absolutely amazing. You need to go! I let you read my sons Navy Achievement papers. I gave him your message. He was beyond excited from the time I said your name until I gave him your message and then some. He was 1 of the 31 Marines chosen to march in the 100th Anniversary Bastille Day Parade in Paris France. It's tomorrow, 7/14. The United States is leading the parade for the first time in history! I so enjoyed meeting/visiting with you! My only regret was not getting a picture with you! Hope to hear from you. You did tell me to "go to and let you know how the Bahamas trip goes". Here's a pic of Jeron at the Embassy in Paris. Carla Gimnich”





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