It was such an honor to be invited to chaperone for the field-trip to the Georgia Aquarium with the 3rd grade class, both Caleb and I enjoyed visiting this amazing Aquarium that we are lucky enough to have right here in our own back yard. 2 of his friends Tatum & Sam hung out with Caleb and I throughout the day as we experienced all the wonders that this deep sea aquarium has to offer. Check out some of our favorite pics of the day!


The Georgia Aquarium is an incredible place to take the family for a day of educational fun that has a little something for everyone in the group. This is the view from above the tank where the marine animals have plenty of room to roam the open watters of this huge aquatic tank. There were Whale Sharks, Rays, Dolphins, Sea Lions... EVERTHING YOU COULD IMAGINE IN THIS TANK!!!!! Be careful not to fall in though folk. CHOMP! CHOMP!!


C.J. Decided to CHILL with the Penguins, until they started eyeing his leftover cookie a bit to much. EAT UP QUICK CALEB!!! You can't trust a bird that's dressed that fancy son, they are embezzling cash from somewhere to be able to afford such nice tuxedos. I'm watching you Penguins!!


You showed a lot of courage with this one Caleb... Everybody know not to mock the Piranhas!!! Especially when you have such a cute fish face C.J.


The favorite animal on our list for the day had to be the Albino Alligator, they were so impressive that Caleb picked this reptilian to be the main focus of his essay that he will be writing about his day with the 3rd grade class at the Georgia Aquarium. I have to admit that the Albino Alligator is not the most popular or even the favorite of many of the other children on the trip... But C.J. always thinks outside the box, shares his opinion openly and always works hard to get the job done right. I'm sure his essay will be a hit no matter what animal he picks!!


Thanks for letting your old man tag along with you for the day Caleb, I hope I did'nt cramp your style to much buddy. I'll always be here for you no matter what you need from me my beautiful son.  I hope you know how much I respect you for always being yourself and for always putting others before your own needs and wants. You're a wise, generous, kind, old soul Caleb James. I learn from you daily.

I Love You






It's great to be back on with my Peeps!! I've taken a hiatus from "SOCIAL" media over the past several weeks to focus on my health after 2 hospital visits. Lower stress, better diet, more exercise, are all in the cards for me... I missed 4 shows (SORRY PEEPS WHO WERE AT THOSE FL SHOWS)  but Dr's grounded me so I could get some well needed R&R before BS&T hits the road for our Jakarta, Australia, Hawaii tour next month. I enjoyed the break from the outside distractions so much that from here on out if you want to keep up with where I am, what I'm up to with my family, friends and music, you need to stay tuned-in here to get the skinny on everything. Since I'll no longer be posting or commenting directly on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, I'd appreciate that my private images, comments and videos not be shared with those or any other platforms. But, I encourage any of you Peeps who want to contact me directly at to chat, send concert pics & videos, comments on shows or just shoot the bull with ole BB do that here now that you all have a place t0 reach me. And if you send me pictures, comments or videos, please give your name along with permission for us to post them to in your email so we can showcase you in all your glory. I'll be picking out my favorites to share with the rest of our Peeps here on the site.  Hope to hear from you soon!!

This newest pic is one of the backstage shots I took from Saturdays show in Seneca, NY. We had a packed house to play for but even through the masses I saw a few "BB repeat offenders" (Judy, Beth) who were with some fella who looked just like Bo Bice circa 2005(LOL). All kidding aside, it was nice to see friends in the audience who were enjoying all that my BS&T brothers and I had to offer. I love what I do for a living folks and it never gets old doing what you love!! Come join us this weekend for 2 nights of awesome music and a whole lotta fun when BS&T hit Skagit Casino And Resort in BOW, WA.

See you there!!


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Music Is Idol

Check out this brand new site that's a living archive of all things idol:


American Idol Series Finale Airs Thursday

Bo Bice is on the west coast to celebrate the finale Season of American Idol this Thursday night from 8-10pm eastern for the 2 hr finale.

Tune in to see Bo and and the amazing line up of other American Idol Alumni as they close the curtain on an incredible 15 season run of A.I. The show that helped to created an era of TV/Talent Shows who got their start because of the A.I. Juggernauts popularity.

  Bo will be performing with some close friends and will also be hitting the red carpet to let all the fans know what's going on in his life a decade after his finale in 2005. We hope you tune in and enjoy the show!!

  "It's bitter sweet to see the show that gave me a career move into the history books. But I'll tell us what! I came second to the HIGHEST SELLING IDOL OF ALL TIMES... What does that make me??? Just a very lucky man to have shared the stage with such a superstar. Even though I knew her before she was the mega star, I'm proud of who Carrie became as an artist. Also, my friends & Alabama brothers Ruben Studdard & Taylor Hicks, Constantine, Melinda Doolittle, Caleb James... The list goes on and on!! Here is to a fun few days leading up to the #IdolFinale ... ENJOY!"

And don't forget to stay tuned to for more info on upcoming Bo Bice w/ Blood, Sweat & Tears dates in 2016/2017.IMG 7310

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