BS&T was in Canberra last night for another show in Australia. We are nearing the end of this run and only have one week and 5 shows left before we head to Hawaii for a week to perform at The Blue Note 4 nights in a row for our Polynesian Pals in Paradise. It has been a fun time on this trip to Jakarta/Australia, the month has flown by (MUCH LIKE US) and I can't believe it's almost over. I'll enjoy every hour we have left here and won't be...


Sheepish about sharing my photos and posts with all you Peeps on (LOL). These puns aren't easy to come up with, I stay up late thinking of new ones. You could sure enough get some major chops outta this fella we saw at the rest stop on the way into Canberra that we took a minute to stretch our legs at. This sheep was HUGE!! I'm not sure why they built a massive Sheep on the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere, but I'm glad they did because it made one heck of a photo opp for us tourists headed to the next venue in Australia's capital of Canberra.


BIG BEN AND PARLIAMENT KIDS!! We didn't get close enough to get a good photo but I was able to snap a quick one as we negotiated the roundabout headed to the venue "THE SOUTHERN CROSS" where we were set to give the crowd a night of music and fun that they've never experienced before in their lives. And my BS&T brothers didn't let them down one bit!!


Dillion Kondor does a great rendition of his grandmothers (Carole King) song Hi-De-Ho. Dillion not only plays the heck outta the guitar but he also sing awesome too! It's nice to be able to watch other performers like Dillion and Ric (who does SOMETIMES IN WINTER) while seeing the look on the audiences faces as they drift away into the music that has been a part of their life's story. I see the reaction that these songs have on the crowd each night as I sing them, and sometime I get serenaded by the crowd too!! That's one of my favorite parts of this gig is seeing how the emotion runs through the people who come out to watch us perform the songs that have been the soundtrack of their lives. It has been a special experience for me to be a part of this band over the last 3+ years, I have loved every moment of it and I'm blessed to have been a small part of this historically iconic Rock/Jazz/Fusion horn band that has kept the fans captivated over 5 decades. Thanks to all the BS&T fans for welcoming me into the fold and to all my BO PEEPS who have showed up to pay homage to both BB/BS&T.


Then it's off to the next town to do it all again!! WASH, RINSE, REPEAT....Just another day at work I guess folks. We landed in Brisbane a few hours ago and we are at soundcheck set to test the mixes for tonights show at THE TIVOLI. LET'S DO THIS!!




Saturday we played at The Evan Theatre in Penrith. The crowd was great as usual, the show was fun for all and the local staff and our hard working BS&T crew worked their tails off to make us musicians look like a million bucks!! This post is for the unsung heroes who do the dirty work so our job always looks easy every time we hit the stage.


Dustin runs the monitor board on stage that all the musicians use for reference. He makes sure that both our in-ear and floor monitors are to each of our liking so that we can hear ourselves and the other band members during the show every night. Sometimes the equipment is old as the dinosaurs and other times it's so hi-tech that the bells and whistles can look like a video game more than a piece of sound equipment. That means he has to be able to go from Fred Flintstone one night to Capt. Kirk controlling the starship enterprise the next night and make each show seamless for us on stage so we can do our job without any hiccups. Thanks Dustin for all you do buddy.

Kevin (Little Smick) is the stage manager who along with carrying gear makes sure that our towels, water, set-lists, ect. are all on stage and in the designated places so that we are all happy and have consistent placement for our show needs. Great work Kev!


Mr. Smick is the Tour Manager/Front Of House for BS&T. His job is to baby-sit a bunch of full grown men out here on the road while making us all sound good for the venue, promoter, buyer, management and the audience every night. He's been with BS&T for 30+ years and is a special part of my journey over my 3+ years with the group. I lovingly call him Smickles or D.A. (Designated Adult) because he makes us sound great each night but he also advances the shows months before we ever leave our families and take to the road/sky to perform. U Rockith Smickles!!


While the band rested up for a few days and got some well deserved R&R. Some of us had to work on our day off though! WORK? (LOL) Our Publicist Tatiana had us up at 6am to do press between 7-2pm for the last week of shows here on the east coast of Australia before heading to Hawaii. Dylan, Larry & I took to the airwaves to tell everyone we could about the upcoming shows and meet as many folks as we could that have promoted us before we arrived. She was also the one in charge of the PR on our last trip to Australia 18 months ago when we made our way over to show our Aussie fans that BB/BS&T are still going strong and love to visit this beautiful country. She has been a sweetheart and helped us to put butts in the seat with media/press/interviews for our tours here in Aussieland. Thanks for your hard work young lady and thank you to all of the stations/radio personalities/news outlets who let us come in and chat with them about BS&T being here again to ROCK THE ROOS AGAIN. You're the best Tat!!

There are many people in the business who work behind the scene to make the tour a success so that we can stand on stage and get the applause each night. Many times they don't get a thank you from the audience for their exhausting job, sometimes even us band members forget and take for granted the fact that without them the shimmer can't become the shine. I always try to give them a shout out from the stage each night, but I really wanted all of you on the other-side of the music to have an understanding of how important their job is to our success as a group. We musicians are a "carnival of fools surrounded by jewels", I'm proud of each person who gives it their all so we can play rockstar for 90 minutes a night to the fans of this incredible music that BS&T is keeping alive. Us musicians always play every show for free, we just get paid well to travel and be away from our famlies. The crew is as much a part of this circus as the clowns on stage and we love them for what they do to keep us safe, happy and get us back home to our everyday lives that we love as much as our road family.

In case I didn't say it already today... THANK YOU! Without all of you this band doesn't have a gig and we are grateful for every one of you. I mean that sincerely.

Cheers to all!







Australia is a HOPPIN' country Peeps!! When we were in Perth there was time to visit a wildlife Sanctuary that was absolutley incredible. It was a treat to see these amazing animals in their natural habitat and to be able to get up close and personal with the native creatures that are normally so reclusive and only active around dusk & dawn. COOLNESS!!! I'll post more pics later when I have more time... That's not today though.


After flying into Sydney yesterday we hit the road to perform @ The Juniors in our "home town". When we were here 18 months ago Sydney was our home base for travel on the east coast, it felt like home when we landed and checked into our hotel in Potts Point. These are BS&T's stomping grounds and we all enjoy the location, it's just 5-10 minutes (depending on how fast you walk) to all the shops and attractions that this fast pace city has to offer. I won't bore you with the usual shots of the Opera House & Skyline...FullSizeRender

Awe Shucks, I couldn't resist throwing out a shot from my hotel room that has a killer view of the city we are calling home for the rest of the week till we head off to Brisbane and on to the next gig.


I got out and walk-about to visit Darling Harbor for a bit of lunch and reminiscing. There is so much to do here and you could never fit all there is in one trip folks. I have my favorite food spots, hangouts and chill places that I always enjoy poppin' by, the harbor is one of them because there is a massive collection of old and new ships & submarines to take a glance at. The history of this city is rich in culture and makes you realize how young we are as a nation. I'm glad we have some down time after tonights show to recharge and recoup from the travel and shows over the past several weeks in Sydney so I can catch up on R&R and pick up gifts for everyone back in the states.


The Juniors crowd treated BS&T right last night in Sydney and we will be playing right outside of town tonight for another packed Aussie house. I hope they can live up to the audience last night though, they were loving the music and players and gave back to us generously. This picture was taken by our keyboard player Adam Klipple's cousin who came out to support her family and his BS&T bandmates, a giant thank you to Melissa Gock for joining us and for letting me use her killer pic of us in action doing what we do best... PEEL BACK FACES WITH THAT GOOD OLE ROCK/JAZZ & ROLL!! CHEER MELISSA

Now I'm off to sound check for another round of facial peeling and Rock & Roll dealing. Check back in daily @ to see even more of my road journey with BS&T on out tour of Jakarta/Australia/Hawaii. 

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