It was a pleasure to spend time with the WFLA News Channel 8 #Daytime team in #Tampa this week

I’d like to thank Deanna and here production team, Rob and the floor production crew and everyone who made me feel so welcome for the 2nd co-hosting day’s at WFLA.
Congratulations to Charity LeBlanc with her success on American Ninja Warrior. Her hard hard work and dedication has paid off and I’m sure the next trip to ANW will be the one. Great work!
Chef Anthony, it was a pleasure to spend time chatting about the delicious Publix recipes and summertime grub. 
Jerry, thank you for your guidance and help over the past several days. I had a blast chewing the fat with you and enjoyed the opportunity immensely.
Stay tuned to Daytime for today’s final show with Jerry and Bo!