The entire team at #WFLA #Daytime was spectacular!!

I had a great time with Jerry Penacoli as his co-host filling-in for Cyndi. I flubbed a few here and there, gave enough fuel for gaff-reel on my co-host debut, Jerry was kind, encouraging and very helpful as I gave my TelePrompTer skills a whirl on the other side of the interview couch.

Thank you so much for all of you hospitality Jerry and Daytime team, I enjoyed the opportunity to co-host and spend time with the Tampa team.

Austin Testa, keep up the great work with “Every Bark Counts” and thank you for the gift my friend. Art, Ian, thank you for letting me sit-in on the Bro-Chat, I learned much!!

Tune in to Daytime today and tomorrow to see BB helping Jerry get your Day started.