September Sets


Last night our Son Caleb was sworn in as class President of 4-H at his 1st ever meeting. I was so very excited and proud of CJ for his achievement in obtaining the position, he really had to come out of his shell to run and it took getting over a few hurdles for him to make that division. Caroline and I are beaming with pride over his ability to conquer his fears and take on new challenges in life that feel a bit scary. Caleb is one step closer to running this show, he's making a power-play for dominance and I've got an eye on that little monster. All kidding aside CJ, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Congrats Mr. President.


Feet on solid ground once again I tumble into the reality that my oldest boy is 12 YEARS OLD!!!!! I feel so ancient. Caroline, the kids, Nana & Papa w/Alexis & Piper celebrated with us at the house this year and Nana & Papa took home prize for best gift I think. A RED RIDER BB GUN ("YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT KID.") with all the fix-ins' to boot. We all had a blast together with family and spent the day shooting the bull and targets!! Happy Birthday Aidi-Bug!!

EVANSVILLE INI've recieved so many cool shot at my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. over the past year. I'm glad I set that email up for you all to communicate directly to me and to send video, photos, comments. Here is a picture sent from Robin Thacker who was at the "WATER FOR PEOPLE" event in Evansville, IN. We are proud to have had the chance to help bring attention to a crisis and help raise money for people who are less fourtunate than us. THANK YOU to all attendees from BB and BS&T.



When people ask me where I live my reply is often "35,000 FEET." and that gets confusing looks every time. Then it hits then that my Puny answer is in reference to our travel schedule. It's is really a certain breed of folks that love the grueling hours, crazy sleep patterns & accommodations, time away from the ones you love. We will cross God's creation to stand on stage for a crowd and perform our music. That's why I enjoy my job so much folks, my BS&T Brothers are top notch and we all have a great respect for one another and each others talents. This band isn't a one man show in any way what so ever, we are a team and a family who are blessed to have the opportunities we share.

Great show in Joliet, IN Fellas.



After I returned from travels and planted my digits for a few days at home with Caroline and the Kiddos I jumped aboard the "Journey" to help my friend Jeff Hay and his family by opening up the golf event JEFF HAY'S JOURNEY with the National Anthem on OCT, 9TH in COVINGTON, GA. If you'd like to join us we would love to have you, if you can donate online or would like to attend and bid on auction items it is always greatly appreciated. After the Anthem I'll be riding around heckling the other golfers. I have a Dr. excuse, can't play because the scorecard makes me break out in a rash of anger. Many a club has been broken throughout my career in golf. To quote a friend of mine and fellow BS&T'ER "It's hard to watch a good man go down like that." I retired from the game long ago and now ALL CLUBS are safe from BB. We are looking forward to seeing you there, Shotgun Start at NOON!! 


While I was in Ontario my friend and Co-Producer Staci Wilson visited me for a FACEBOOK LIVE chat about the project we are working on together with Studio South called "THE VENTURES MOVIE". If you'd like to visit FaceBook "BoBiceOfficial" you can check out the entire unedited video, plus I'll have an edited version on my Youtube channel coming up ASAP. Staci and I covered a lot of bases in the FBL event and we are still answering questions about the project and more on our pages and at The Ventures Movie FB page as well. Great job Staci!


Then we made our way over to the other-side of the Continental Breakfasts to another Ontario.  California that is... Swimming Pools and... Ah, you know the rest. We always have such a great response in California, from the crowds to the reception of production team & crew. That is why I always try to remember to send a shout out from the stage to the ones who provide us a platform, lights, sound and production so we can play rockstar for 90 minutes a night for the audience. Kudos to all!!


MY BS&T Brothers & I have been from Ontario, CANADA to Ontario, California in the past month kicking tail and taking names... We don't really keep a log of names in a database of all attendees, that would be Orwellian!! OR DO WE?? Seriously though, our neighbors to the north were so very accommodating and we gave'em all that we got ladies and gents!! Rick Derringer opened up for us and the show was really great, full of hits and what an awesome guitarist Rick. LOVED IT!