It was a great couple of month on the road with my BS&T Brothers and back home with the family on what little time I have off. I enjoyed the shows up north in Quakertown,PA and Barnstable, MA. It was a run of HOT SHOWS!! No really the crowds were awesome, plus it was HOT AS ALL GET OUT!!! We all braved the heat and rocked the night away on those two shows. Thanks for having us and I hope we meet again.

The kids all started back to school last week and Aidan move up to 6th grade and into middle school, he also got his first phone so he can keep up with Mom & Dad. Caroline turned 73 on August 3rd, while my spry son Caleb turned 9 on the 5th. What can I say I dig the older ladies! We had a Birthday week that was out of sight, Nan & Papa let us have a family get together over at their place so the kids could swim off all the sugar from the cake and ice cream we had. It was a fun week off with the family catching up from several months of burning the road candle down to a stumpy wick.


After a short break we headed back over to to Europe and visited our friends in Germany and Switzerland for a few days. The crowd in Germany was outrageous!! The venue was to capacity and there where fans outside the area we were playing. It was NUTS!!! At one point I had to tell them "We can't start playing the next song until you stop clapping" yet they clapped on!! We received 3 encores and gave all we had that night, then hopped on a flight home to the states 5 hours later. Then just as we were a few miles out from Newark our plane had to swerve to keep from hitting a drone that was flying in unauthorized air space above the airport. CRAZY!!!!!

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As I opened my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email the first thing that his me was and email from Thomas in Germany telling me how much fun he had from the night before at our show. He and I have been emailing back and forth over the past few weeks and he is one heck of a nice guy with a beautiful wife Moni who was right beside him parting and jamming out to BB/BS&T, I've made a friend for life on the other side of the world. That's the power of MUSIC, it breaks down language barriers and allows us to be humans with the same love, compassion and appreciation for something bigger than any of us. Rock on my German Brother!!



Then back to Norway for the Silda Jazz Festival, it was really great! The food, the bands, the crowd was sold out and we were rocking from wall to wall. Our friend Ole Borud joined us again for another show and he really nailed it! I enjoy watching other performers do their thing with this diverse catalog of music. Ole knocked it out of the park on his songs and we even got to shared a performance of Vehicle again as an encore for the packed house. Great work Mr. Ole Borud!! 


Now I'm back at the house getting ready to go for a swim with the family at Nana & Papa's for a bit. It's fun to play Rockstar when I'm on stage folks... I'm grateful to be able to make a living doing now for over 25 years. But the joy I get from the past 14 years of being husband and father is what I live for. Because when the applause dies down, the venue clears, you sit alone in a room with yourself and the thoughts of the ones you hold dear, you better like what you see when you look in the mirror getting ready for your 5am flights home. Because family are their waiting to get a Dad and Husband, not a tired pretend to be Rockstar. I'm blessed beyond belief folks!