Maybe after this run of dates at The Blue Note Honolulu BS&T will get a STAR TABLE at one of these legendary venues around the world, NYC probably already has one at there's in Manhattan. I think it's great that these venues honor their legends with such a cool accolade, it shows the love that these venues share for the Jazz/Fusion/Rock artists who've made this genre' so popular over the decades. Very cool!


BS&T is a Brotherhood of musicians who all share a common love of music, performance and a respect for the music that this band has always stayed true to. The catalog of music is the star of the show, we are just the vessel for this iconic music and do our best every performance to stay true to the music that the fans have enjoyed for 50 years. The show is never the same, but the songs are always done the way you remember them, that's important when you're dealing with other individuals memories and experiences. These songs have a special place in our hearts as much as they do the fans in the audience, without my SPINNING WHEEL performance on Idol I'd have never scored the gig fronting this incredible band of musical brothers.


My pal Ric Fierabracci gets MVP for last nights performance of "SOMETIMES IN WINTER". He really does a wonderful rendition of this BS&T ballad and I was so glad he had the opportunity to share this song with the crowd last night in the second set. The audience always responds to this song whenever they hear the first few horn notes and they really love the way Ric sings this very technical hit BS&T tune that the longtime fans love us to play.


Yesterday was also our Brother Bill Churchville's Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!! He and I were dressed to the nines and ready to grind. I told him we look like Twins, I'll be DeVito and he could be Schwarzenegger... He's a great fella and I love sharing the stage with him and the rest of my BS&T BROTHERHOOD


Hawaii is my cup of tea folks... I LOVE THIS PLACE!! I can't wait to hit the stage again tonight at The Blue Note for 2 shows 6:30pm/9pm and if you are in Honolulu please join us for our last 2 nights of shows before we head home to our families for a few days and then hit the road again for SC & Disney. The Bice family has already headed down to FL and will hit Disney before I even get back from Hawaii... Guess they don't miss the old man all that much. That mouse has such power over these kids AND CAROLINE!!!! But it's always fun to visit Disney and perform there for the generations in the audience. Plus the mouse pays me instead of the other way around like usual. It's been a long 5 weeks away from home and I can't wait to see them all, even if I have to split my tome with Mickey & Minnie.


We've become a FACE-TIME FAMILY over the past several weeks I've been on the road with BS&T. As much as I miss them I know that the technology we have today gives me a way to stay present in their day to day lives and the going ons in each one of our kids lives. I always Face-time them before school and at night to say bedtime prayers, even if I have to set the alarm and wake up to do so. Caroline and those children are the light of my life and I'm grateful that we have the means to communicate day to day so they know how much Dad misses them and can't wait to share in the experiences in their lives although I'm on the other side of the planet and outta sight for so long.


It helps when you have friends out here on the road you can lean on like "CRAZY UNCLE RIC" (that's what the kids call him) to break up the monotony of Groundhog Day that we call work. I dig what I do for a living folks, but I LOVE MY FAMILY more than they'll ever know. Get ready kids because Dylan (SUPERMAN) and Crazy Uncle Ric will be with me when I hit Disney with the rest of our BS&T Brothers in a few days. Don't forget the sunblock!!


Looks like that early morning TV READY SOUNDCHECK was worth the while Peeps. BS&T had a packed house at THE BLUE NOTE HONOLULU last night and we enjoyed the love the audience gave back to us all. What a treat to perform at this venue, The Blue Note is legendary and to have performed my 1st one in Hawaii takes the pineapple cake. My BS&T Brothers were on point and let it all hang out last night for this crowd of locals, tourist, even an Alabama brother was front and center giving me a ROLL TIDE and a gift for my little hula girl Merrin (a shark tooth necklace) that I'm sure she will love.


Speaking of Hula Girls... This one had her eye on me all night long when I was back stage getting ready for the show. I told her at least a dozen times that I'm not just a married man, I'm happily married and I want to keep it that way!! But she just couldn't keep her eyes off of me the whole time I was warming up the ole vocal chords and sipping on my tea, Guess I've still got it!!!


When I got to the dressing room I wasn't sure if I needed to go ahead and steam my show clothes or take the boards out and catch a few waves. Since I've never set foot on a surfboard in my entire life and I'd probably drowned in the surf waters out back of "The Outriggers" at this time of night, I decided to go for the Surf & Turf instead of the Surf & Steam. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day, or the next even. Oh we'll be headed home after that so I'll give it a miss this trip. Next time I promise Blue Noters.


Then I turn around and this hits me in the face. PLEASE, NO SMOKING ALLOWED OF ANY KIND!! WHOE ME?? NEVER!! There must be some other hippies that played this joint and spark up more than a stogie or two in here before we arrived. BS&T are all good boys and would never do such a thing!!


But I must have gotten a residual contact buzz from hanging out in the dressing room to long folks, it was either that or someone slipped something into my teacup when I wasn't looking because that Hula Girl that kept staring at me ended up being a lamp!! All this time I just thought she was fashionable and liked to wear hats that make a statement. I've been on the road wayyyyy tooooo long this time folks. WAYYYY TOOO LOOONG.


The MVP of the night has got to be our Sax/Flute player Mr. Ken Gioffre. I've had the honor and privilege to share the stage with the best of the best over the past 13 years of my 25 year career in music, Rickey Minor and the American Idol Band, The "40 YEARS AGO TODAY BAND, and BS&T. Each person in this band of brothers are all more than talented and raise it to the next level each night we take to the stage to perform and I mean that with my heart and soul. But Ken was on FIRE last night!!! When he plays the solo in "I LOVE YOU MORE" it still brings chills to my skin even after 3+years of sharing the stage with him. When I come back on stage clapping and in full applause with the audience it's never part of the show or an act, it's very much genuine and VERY much deserved. So it's no wonder that at the end of the set an Encore is desired by the crowd.


Unfortunately we went over the time limit for the first show and to be honest we didn't understand what the audience was screaming at us until the second show that "HANA HOU" means "SO PLAY ON" or ENCORE!! The second show got just that a 2 song encore and they were still screaming Hana Hou!! I'm guessing by the reaction that we received from the crowd here at The Blue Note Honolulu that we were a hit and there will be more people at our shows over the next 3 nights. If you're in town and would like to enjoy a night of food, fun, music and a few of my extremely bad puns & jokes then please join us for our 6:30pm/9pm shows we have Fri/Sat/Sun before we head back to our families for 2 days off and then hit South Carolina on the 6th and Walt Disney for a week worth of shows 7th-10th of April in Florida. ALOHA & HANA HOU!!!




What does it take to get 9 musicians to get up early on a show day to do a 10am, dressed ready for show sound check, after the band and crew were at the venue till midnight loading in and sound checking already? You tell them they'll be on TV!!! The local film crew came out to record us for the local stations here in Honolulu to spread the word on our 2 shows a night 6:30pm/9pm, 4 nights in a row Thursday-Sunday concerts in Hawaii at THE BLUE NOTE. TV gets us every time!!! We were looking sharp and not sounding flat(Little musician humor)and the taping went off without a hitch, we only had to do 2 songs. We didn't even have to do the songs twice! That's my boys BS&T, roll outta bed, fall into your stage attire, scurry onto the stage, ROCK THE PLANET WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT!!


Then we had some time to get back to work... UHH...WORK?? That's what I call it anyway. Otherwise Caroline won't let me go play with the other kids on the playground(LOL) Life's A Beach, then you have to get back to the real reason you came all this way around the world to perform. That's right folks, around the entire earth!! By the time I get back to ATL I will have been around the planet in 5 weeks, I never thought it was possible for me to do. Take that Phileas Fogg!! Alright so we traveled a bit different way than Mr. Fogg to cut the time in half but we were playing shows along the way, I don't remember him doing any concerts from his balloon. DO YOU??


Now it's time to get down to the venue, throw on some threads and hit the down note for show 1 at 6:30pm. I hope anyone here in Hawaii will come out and join us for these shows in paradise. If you can't catch the first set, visit us for the 9pm show, there's even food for you late night eaters who like to knock back a few drinks and listen to the best Rock/Jazz/Horn band on the face of the planet. And if you can't come out tonight on such short notice, join us for one of our other shows this Thurday-Sunday at the same times, same place each night. Hope to see you there! Aloha


One tear falls slowly... It's been a blast Australia!! A month in your country doesn't seem like enough. But all good things must come to an end at some point and our BS&T visa has run out so they are making us leave the country now. But not without closing it out right on our final night with a packed house at LIZOTTE'S. 


We were on a tight stage but that didn't stop us from rocking out the folks in NEWCASTLE, AU and closing this tour out with a bang. We loved every minute of our tour and it was bitter sweet hitting those last notes of the show. I have already heard talk of venues wanting us back and you know that won't hurt my feelings a bit to have to cross the pond again for a visit to jam. Just give the word and we are there!!


What a run it was... Never the less we had to leave one paradise and head off to the next. HAWAII!! I have never been but I hear it's beautiful, lets get on another plane and fly 10hrs to see what the buzz is all about.




AHHH....Touchdown in Hawaii town, Honolulu to be exact. This is going to be a nice few days off to relax and recoup from burning the candle from the middle to each end since we left for Jakarta and then Australia. Well deserved and much needed for all of us I promise.


As we were coming in for a landing into Honolulu there was a submarine escort in the harbor waiting to bring us in for a landing and I was able to snap a quick shot off before we hit the tarmac. Really, You Shouldn't Have (LOL) This is going to be a great trip!! I rested the 1st day, sat on the beach with my buddy Dustin and his wife Beth the second day and also made time to pick up some souvenirs for the family before we start our Press & Shows on Thursday at The Blue Note four nights in a row.



Then I made the trip that I have wanted to make since I was a young boy and my Paw Bice would tell me the stories of his time in the service and about the attack at Pearl Harbor or "Hell In Paradise". He was there when this attacked happened and was one of only a few out of his battalion who made it through it alive. I always wanted to go to the place that held so many painful memories and left so many scars (some visible, other that weren't) in this man that I have always been proud to call my Paw Bice. I wanted to visit this paradise to show him that people never forgot about the sacrifices that had been made on that Dec day in 1941. I wanted to bring back pictures and a gift to give him so he could see that people don't just visit Pearl Harbor for the Sun, Fun & Food in Hawaii. They visit to remember the ones we lost and the ones who survived. Warriors like him.PEARL HARBOR

So I got you this Paw... I'll put it in the case that holds the flag that draped your casket with the 3 shell I have from the 21 gun salute you earned from your sacrifice in service and in the life you provided for all of us. Even though the pain he carried with him throughout his life was terrible he never let it change him. Through the haunting memories and physical disabilities like hearing loss, frostbitten feet from Korea, pain and ailments from wars and battles that he fought just to make it home to his wife and family, he was alway a good man and never let his past destroy his future and he taught us kids/grandkids to choose the right path in life and that's not always the easy path. "Sometimes you need a walkin' stick for the cut trail. Sometimes you need a machete to cut your own way through to your destination." But giving up was never an option...NEVER.


Now he rests... I cannot believe that it's been over a year since he left us but I think and often speak of him on a daily basis. The greatest grace God ever place in my life (besides my wife & kids) was allowing me to spend the last seconds of his life whispering in his ear how much we love him and letting him know that it was O.K to move on. I won't say what I told him during those last minutes, that's for he and I. I'll just say that I know he was ready to go home to be with my Maw Bice and his other loved ones who were waiting on him to arrive.

My favorite saying of his was "There's 3 kinds of people in this world. The ones who WATCH THINGS HAPPEN, the ones who MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, the ones who WONDER WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!! Which one will you chose to be??"

Rest up ole buddy, I've got your watch covered and I promise not to fall asleep while I'm on duty at my post. I can't wait till we meet again Harold E. Bice, but Heaven ain't ready for the 2 of us yet, they're still getting accustom to you up there ordering everybody around. So when I do get there please be waiting at the gate, ST. Pete might not let me in otherwise... I don't have your security clearance. Aloha from "Hell In Paradise"